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Weather Anxiety Kit for Kids

Over the years we have had two children who really struggled with anxiety related to weather. 

There's something about wind, thunder, and lightning that scares them so much.

We have found that putting together a Weather Anxiety Kit for Kids has really been helpful.

Whenever weather is coming, bags are quickly put together, if they're not already prepared.

Weather Anxiety Kit for Kids

The biggest weather threat we have where we live is tornadoes. 

We end up with at least one tornado warning each summer, or at least this has been the case the last four summers in a row. 

Whenever there is a severe thunderstorm watch or warning, our two kiddos start to get nervous and prepare.

If there is a tornado watch, Mom starts preparing kits for everyone.

Everything is placed by the cellar door to grab easily on our way down.

Tornado Watch Preparation

Sunshine our youngest, packs a bag any time there's a forecast for a thunderstorm. 

(My youngest checks the weather for wind, rain, and storms at least once a day.)

She has never been fond of storms, but being away in residential for three years definitely didn't help.

Some of her residential placements were located in Tennessee where tornadoes occurred more frequently and that was very scary to her.

We support her in her need to feel prepared, especially as it cuts down on negative behaviors and helps her feel so much safer.

Here is what Sunshine keeps in her bag!

Weather Anxiety Kit for Kids

Weather Anxiety Kit for Kids

1. A Flashlight

We have multiple flashlights around the house, but making sure we have small ones in Sunshine's kit for her small hands is important.

At times it's not enough to just have one flashlight, just in case the batteries die. 

My husband and I try to keep as many flashlights and batteries on hand as we can.

Weather Anxiety Kit for Kids: Water

2. Water

Sunshine prepares two water bottles in the side pockets of her backpack.  

We use Spill Proof Water Bottles to ensure that we don't have a mess.

Extra water is also stored down cellar for times of need.

If our power goes out, we also lose water, so we always try to make sure we're prepared for that.

Weather Anxiety Kit for Kids: Snacks

3. Snacks

Sunshine doesn't go anywhere without snacks.

When it comes to storms, it's big priority. 

We used to pack fresh items when on the go, but after one too many times of having items left in the van or backpack for too long, we resorted to non perishable foods, which works great for emergencies.

Sunshine's go to snack right now are Bear Fruit Rolls and nuts.

If there is a threat of tornado, Mom will pack meals for the family if needed.

4. Extra Outfit

Clothes are a BIG deal to Sunshine, so we always make sure to have an extra outfit ready and available.

When it comes to weather emergencies, Sunshine never knows how long storms are going to last, so she always brings extra clothes.

Weather Anxiety Kit for Kids: Sweatshirt

4. Sweatshirt

Storms often bring cooler weather. Sunshine becomes cold quite easily. 

A sweatshirt helps her stay warm and therefore safe.

Depending on the type of storm, we may pack a raincoat as well.

Weather Anxiety Kit for Kids: Slip-on Shoes

5. Slip-on Shoes

Sunshine always wants to be prepared if we need to head down cellar in case of a tornado. 

We always keep slip on shoes right near the cellar door in case they're needed.

My kids all slip on their sneakers, so we usually use those.

Weather Anxiety Kit for Kids: Medications

6. Medications

Sunshine can not go without her meds. 

Because we never know how long a weather emergency may last, we always grab our med box.

Weather Anxiety Kit for Kids: Blanket

7. Blanket

Sunshine has slept with a blanket and used it as a comfort item for as long as I can remember. 

She doesn't go anywhere without one, especially during a storm.

Weather Anxiety Kit for Kids: MP3 Player

8. MP3 Player

Music soothes Sunshine's anxieties. When paired with the headphones mentioned below, music also blocks out the scary sound of wind and thunder. 

When there's a storm, she has it ready.

Weather Anxiety Kit for Kids: Sound Blocking Headphones

9. Sound Blocking Headphones

The minute Sunshine hears thunder, she starts playing her MP3 player and puts her sound blocking headphones on. 

These help her so much!

If there's no thunder yet, she keeps them on the table or in her bag, right beside her, so they're ready when she needs them.

Weather Anxiety Kit for Kids: Stuffed Animal

10. Stuffed Animal

A stuffed animal and blanket are Sunshine's go-to comfort items. They help her so much. 

It makes perfect sense that she feels she needs them so much when she's anxious about storms.

Weather Anxiety Kit for Kids: Card Games

11. Card Games

When there's weather, we try to put a movie in to distract.

But if the power goes out and/or we have to head down cellar, we try to always have card games packed and ready to go.

One of Sunshine's favorites is Five Crowns Junior. She uses a card holder when she plays.

Weather Anxiety Kit for Kids: Fidgets

12. Fidgets

Fidgets help so much with anxiety and sensory regulation. When packing her storm bag, Sunshine always makes sure she has a few to help her.

Weather Anxiety Kit for Kids: Coloring Book and Crayons

13. Coloring Books and Crayons

Sunshine also packs coloring books and crayons. She loves to color and draw. 

It helps soothe her so much.

Weather Anxiety Kit for Kids: Book to Read

14. Book to Read

Turning and looking at pages in a book is one of Sunshine's favorite things to do. 

She loves her books, especially the Dog Man series right now.

We don't go anywhere without a book in her bag, especially when there's a chance of a storm.

Reading books together also passes time during storms, when the power goes out.

Storm Cellar Set Up

When there's a tornado watch, we always try to make sure the cellar is prepared for us to have to spend some time down there.

Our cellar is not one that is considered part of our living space, nor would that ever be possible, as we live in a VERY old home.

We do our best to make it comfortable when necessary.

My husband sets up our card Table and Chairs for the kids to use to play games etc.

He also sets up Portable Lawn Chairs for he and I to sit in.

We also have set up an Emergency Toilet to use with kitty litter to help with smells. 

It's impossible to protect our kids from bad weather, but at least we can help them cope with it.

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Weather Anxiety Kit for Kids

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