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A Mad Scientist Halloween Party for Kids

Halloween is the perfect time of year for a Mad Scientist Party for Kids, especially for those who are looking for non-scary ways to celebrate the fall holiday.

A Mad Scientist Halloween Party provides the perfect balance of learning, fun, and cool costumes! Not to mention, kids will be wowed and in love with all of the fun experiments.

What I loved most about this theme is that it can be customized depending on the needs of each kiddo.

A Mad Scientist Halloween Party for Kids

A Mad Scientist Halloween Party for Kids


Mad Scientist Halloween Party Costumes

A Halloween party isn't a party without costumes. We like to keep things simple and non-scary. 

These lab coats were absolutely perfect for the occasion. The safety goggles were a fabulous and necessary accessory. The badges secured in the badge holders were the perfect touch!

Science Experiments

A Mad Scientist Halloween Party isn't complete without a few experiment. Here are several experiments we found and loved!

Please be aware that adult supervision is required with these experiments.

Mad Scientist Halloween Party Experiment 1

Lava Lamp Experiment

Everyone loved the Lava Lamp Experiment, which requires only a few simple ingredients. The kids loved choosing their own colors. I loved watching the kids facial expressions as the experiment came to life.

Mad Scientist Halloween Party Experiment 2

Can Dry Ice Blow Up a Balloon?

Halloween is the perfect time of year to introduce dry ice into experiments so long as you can ensure safety. In this experiment the kids found out that dry ice can in fact blow up a balloon! I found this experiment at Life with Moore Learning.

Mad Scientist Halloween Party Experiment 3

Using Dry Ice to Put Out a Candle

Our next experiment was determining if dry ice could put out a candle faster than just the lack of oxygen. This was yet another experiment we found at Life with Moore Learning that the kids loved.

Mad Scientist Halloween Party Experiment 3 Modified

Bubbling Potions

If kids have never worked with dry ice before they're in for a real treat with the simplest of experiments. All of the kids were introduced to dry ice with this experiment from Stepmomming

It's sure to be a success, especially with younger kids. Sunshine absolutely LOVED this experiment. 

Mad Scientist Halloween Party Experiment 4

Dry Ice Volcanoes

My kids are huge fans of baking soda and vinegar volcanoes, but dry ice volcanoes take things to the next level. I love how the dish soap adds some extra fun as well.

Mad Scientist Halloween Party with Younger Child

Sunshine enjoyed this experiment as well but was a little shocked by how big the eruption became. Lol. Once she realized it was all safe and okay, she was fine.


In our house, we don't do trick-or-treating due to special dietary needs. Instead the kids each pick out a couple bags of candy. We dump everything out on the table and let everyone choose what they want.

Mad Scientist Halloween Party Candy Sort

We had a co-op friend join us for our Mad Scientist Halloween Party, where he also was able to enjoy our family tradition.

It was the perfect ending to a fabulous Mad Scientist Halloween Party!

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A Mad Scientist Halloween Party

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