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Gift Ideas for 6 Year Old Girls

Sunshine is technically ten years old, but cognitively and developmentally, she is six years old. Emotionally, at times she's even younger than that. 

For some this may be sad news, but for me, it's the opposite. I LOVE that she's not growing up as fast as her siblings, as it gives me more time to enjoy the phases I love most. Ages four to six are some of my absolute favorites.

This year Sunshine is all about mermaids, dragons, unicorns and more. I asked her for a wish list during our last video chat. She definitely had a list of ideas ready. Lol. 

Based off of her wish list, I am sharing our recommendations for Gift Ideas for 6 Year Old Girls.

I hope you are able to find some great ideas here and cross off a little girl on your Christmas shopping list!

Gift Ideas for 6 Year Old Girls

Gift Ideas for 6 Year Old Girls

I have to admit I have such a hard time not buying each and every thing on this list for Sunshine as I love it all so much. Already I'm figuring out exactly how many of these items will fit in her stocking versus under the tree so I can make it work.  Lol.

Melissa & Doug Ballet Recital Jigsaw Puzzle

1. Melissa and Doug Ballet Recital Jigsaw Puzzle

Sunshine absolutely loves puzzles and is quite good at them so long as they don't exceed 100 pieces. She is also very much into ballet and wants to be a dancer when she grows up.  I couldn't resist pairing these two things together with this beautiful ballet puzzle.

LEGO Disney Raya and Sisu Dragon

2. LEGO Disney Raya and Sisu Dragon 43184

Over the summer while living in a hotel, Sunshine and I watched the movie Raya and The Last Dragon. Sunshine absolutely LOVED Sisu. When she saw this LEGO set, she just had to have it. The fact that Sisu is a dragon makes her all the more loveable, as dragons are one of Sunshine's favorite things right now.  

For those who don't know, Sunshine absolutely loves playing LEGO. It soothes her and provides such great sensory input. Sunshine loves putting things together and taking things apart. She also stims on fine motor tasks like putting LEGO bricks in place.

Barbie Dreamtopia Brush n' Sparkle Unicorn with Lights and Sounds

3. Barbie Dreamtopia Brush n' Sparkle Unicorn with Lights and Sounds

Sunshine has wanted a horse for her Barbie dolls ever since she gave her sister one for her birthday a couple years back.  When she saw that there was a Barbie unicorn, she decided that having a unicorn would be even more amazing than a horse. Alas, this unicorn HAD to be on her wish list.  Lol.

Peaceable Kingdom Mermaid Island Cooperative Game

4. Peaceable Kingdom Mermaid Island Cooperative Game

Sunshine still struggles playing games where she's playing against others, but thoroughly enjoys cooperative board games. She has the fairy game in this same series and adores it.  Knowing how much Sunshine loves mermaids right now, this is the perfect fit for her!

Schleich Bayala Dragon 2-Piece Set

5. Schleich Bayala Dragon 2-Piece Set

Sunshine is very passionate about dragons right now and has decided she needs to have some. I was so excited to see this set from Schleich in colors that Sunshine will love.  She is always about creating families with her animals, so the fact that this set comes with a mother and child dragon is perfect!

Douglas Starsky Appaloosa Horse Plush Stuffed Animal

6. Douglas Starsky Appaloosa Horse Plush Stuffed Animal

A long time ago, Princess gave Sunshine a large horse stuffed animal for Christmas. As Sunshine and I were chatting last week, she remembered that horse and said she wanted another. This time she wanted a white one.  Well, I searched all of Amazon for a large white horse with no luck. This was the closest thing. It's not as large as the last one, but it's as large as I could find.  I'm sure she'll love it!


Disney's Descendants 3: Audrey's Diary

7. Disney's Descendants 3: Audrey's Diary

Sunshine loves Disney's Descendants. She particularly admires the character Audrey. I have already purchased Audrey's costume and wig for Sunshine for Christmas.  This will go perfectly with those items.

For those that don't know, Sunshine stims off of flipping pages in a book. Though she can't read, she loves carrying around books and looking through them. It soothes her. I suspect just carrying a book also provides her sensory input she needs.

Happy Birthday Barbie Doll

8. Happy Birthday Barbie Doll

Sunshine loves playing with Barbie dolls. This year she has asked for a Barbie in a fancy dress.  She has already chosen to give her sister the holiday Barbie from this year, so I decided this would be the next best thing. I love that the dress is modest, shimmery and pink!

Klee Kids Water-based Peelable Nail Polish Set

9. Klee Kids Water-based Peelable Nail Polish Set

During our chat about Christmas, Sunshine asked if she could have nail polish.  (She has a history of getting into mine and destroying furniture with it.) I said I would think about it and started to look for a solution that would make us both happy.

I am so excited to have found this water-based nail polish that's non-toxic and perfect for little girls! It looks like so much fun!

Klee Kids Astro Star 4-Piece Make Up Kit

10. Klee Kids Astro Star 4-Piece Make Up Kit

Along with Sunshine's request for nail polish was one for make up. When I realized that Klee Kids makes nail polish and make up kits that are non-toxic and gentle, I was hooked!  This is the perfect solution for Sunshine. The best part is I won't have to worry about her skin reacting harshly to it.

Gladdon Cat Purse

11. Gladdon Cat Purse

Sunshine loves to accessorize and carry as many things as possible with her where ever she goes.  She is also very passionate about cats.  When I saw this purse and how large it is, I knew it would work perfectly for her. It's quite adorable, I must say!

Set of 3 Books: How to Catch a Unicorn, How to Catch a Mermaid, and How to Catch a Dragon

12. Set of 3 Books: How to Catch a Unicorn, How to Catch a Mermaid, and How to Catch a Dragon

Sunshine has always loved picture books. She loves looking through them. She loves being read to. She loves learning the words and reading them to us. The issue is that we've already read so many books, it's hard finding new ones for her. 

I was so excited to see these three books in the How to Catch series. She will love all three. I've grouped them together, because they are incredibly inexpensive. But if you're short on funds, even just one will be great!

Oh how I love shopping for little girls. It is so much fun! I hope your shopping is just as enjoyable!

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