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This year all three kiddos, Dinomite, Bulldozer, and Princess are in middle school, which means lots of writing, especially in essay form. 

Where has the time gone?!

Yet again, we’re transitioning our Montessori model to meet the needs of the kids.

We’re spending a lot more time on project-based studies that are child led.

The kiddos continue their grammar, mechanics, and word study lessons, but a lot more emphasis is put on how to write essays rather than sentences and paragraphs.

With each assignment has come learning how to write in different formats.

Most recently the kids learned how to write a comparative essay using the free printables in this post.

FREE How to Write a Comparative Essay Printable Pack

This year Dinomite, Bulldozer and Princess wanted to dedicate their science studies to oceanography and marine biology.

It’s no surprise that the first animal they wanted to study was the shark.

Each kiddo definitely has a few favorite sharks and are very passionate about them.

A shark study provided the perfect opportunity to introduce and practice writing a comparative essay for the first time.

Each child chose two sharks to write about.

They researched those sharks and decided on three topics to compare and contrast, making sure that there were similarities and differences with each one.

We worked through the process of writing a comparative essay paragraph by paragraph using the free printable in this post.

The kids did such a fantastic job with these essays. I have learned so much about the various sharks reading their work.

They are currently typing their essays to prepare to be kept in their educational portfolio.

How to Write a Comparative Essay

There are several ways to write a comparative essay.

I spent several hours studying each and every way, to figure out which would make the most sense to teach the kiddos.

Each kiddo learns writing processes in a different way, and naturally organizes information in different ways.

In the end, I decided to teach the version of a comparative essay that requires eight paragraphs. 

The first paragraph is the introduction. The next six paragraphs alternate the two concepts (sharks), going topic by topic until the final conclusion.

Please be aware the free printable pack only includes directions on how to write this type of comparative essay.

The printable pack also includes resources for helping to write the main thesis and organizing research that will be compared and contrasted.

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