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Something Was Missing

After Sunshine and Princess started attending school outside of our home, it was just the boys, my husband, and I at home.

I definitely had a long period of mourning.

Something was missing.

Something Was Missing

We gave our boys the option of attending school as well, but they were very clear they wanted to stay home.

The Transformation

Words can't begin to express how wonderful our time with them at home has been.

We are very thankful that Princess is given the opportunity to be around typical children at school.  She loves her autistic siblings but it was time.

We are also very excited our boys are able to experience life eight hours a day, Monday through Friday, without Reactive Attachment Disorder, PTSD and Bipolar Disorder.

The positive changes in everyone have been significant.

When it comes to learning time, it has transformed.

I had no idea how much time was spent working with the girls trying to navigate behaviors, until they weren't part of our class.

The extra attention and focus the boys have received has helped them learn three times faster than they were and given them some much needed attention.

It's been absolutely incredible.

But something was missing.

Something Missing

Over the course of just a couple of months the boys started losing their desire to push forward.

Their passion for learning started to diminish except for those topics they just happened to be obsessed with.

My husband and I could feel it to.  It was so easy to relax and just be.  We became too lax in our daily schedule.

Mind you it was what we all needed at the time.  There was a lot of healing that needed to happen, but by Christmas we could really feel things slipping.

At the end of Christmas break I just happened to be at a close friend's house.  She has four children that had been enrolled in a private school setting during the first half of the school year.

Sadly, it hadn't worked out and she was looking for a way to keep her children out of the public school system.

These four children just happen to be my boys' best friends since we've moved here.

Bulldozer constantly begs to spend as much time with them as possible.

Dinomite just loves the oldest child and for the first time ever feels like he has a real friend.

I listened to my dear friend talk about the predicament her family was in and kept thinking about it when I returned home.

The idea of inviting her children to join us for learning time would not leave my thoughts.

I mentioned it to my husband thinking he would tell me I'm insane for even thinking about taking more on, but instead he started to think about the idea in a positive light.

The more we talked about it, the more we realized this could end up being a very good thing.

Our boys would be motivated by peers in the classroom.

We would be combining Montessori preschool and elementary students.

This would be a great chance for the older kids to help the younger children.

The scenario would provide much needed social interactions for the boys during a time when we wouldn't have to worry about the girls being home.

All of the Montessori materials that I had mournfully packed away when Sunshine started her day program could be put to use again.

We decided to approach our boys about the idea.

They said they wanted to try it.

At that point we approached our friends.

Without hesitation they excitedly said they'd love to have their children join us.

And so it was.

Their first day of our class of six was Monday, January 7th.

There has never been a more perfect transition.

We LOVE having them here and they LOVE coming.

What Was Missing Is Found

The four children join us Monday through Thursday at 10 AM until 1:30 PM.

We serve breakfast and lunch here and have a fabulous uninterrupted three period block.

My boys have blossomed so much.

Our new students have brought so much joy to our home and school day.

On a more personal note, these children have healed my heart in so many different ways, as I have struggled to overcome so much emotional turmoil as a result of my girls' behaviors and all that's happened over the last year.

After the initial adjustment period my husband has found that adding four children to our day keeps us more on task.  There is a motivation that wasn't there before and that has helped routines, which is crucial to his functioning.

We have never been happier.

Meet Our New Students!

Let me introduce you to our new students!  They picked out their own online names.

King Chance

King Chance is eleven years old and lives for LEGO.  He also loves most of the things Dinomite does.  The two are peas in a pod when it comes to personality.

King Chance during our first week of school.

King Chance does extremely well with numbers and thoroughly enjoys geography but struggles in reading and writing.


Scotty (His real name is not Scott.) just turned seven last week, sharing a birthday with his twin brother.  He is the sweetest boy and always has a smile.  Bulldozer loves Scotty and plays so well with him.

Scotty during the first week of school.

Scotty has such a desire to learn.  He works so hard and it shows.  His strength lies in language skills, especially reading.  Though he struggles with some speech issues, he pushes forward and never gives up.


Bulldog is also seven and is never afraid to show his personality.  Some days he's singing as he works.  Other days he's moving a mile a minute from one thing to the next .  Of course he fits in quite well here as he loves Star Wars and dinosaurs.

Bulldozer during the first week of school.

Bulldog lives for numbers, just like Bulldozer. I love to observe him deep in thought.  He is inquisitive and asks about everything, especially when it comes to science.  But, no matter how much he loves math and science, he always works hard in other subjects to make sure he stands on equal ground with his twin.  There's definitely a lot of competition going on there.


Diamond is five and treated like a queen as the only girl in the class.  There isn't anything her classmates won't do for her.  I love that she has a style and pizazz all on her own.

Diamond during her first week of school.

Diamond is so incredibly smart, yet doesn't know it.  She is always up for a challenge and though her brothers are fourteen months older than she is, she always strives to keep up with them in her studies and most often succeeds with the exception of math.

January 2019: Dinomite's school birthday celebration: A Day at Hogwarts!

And there you have it!  I can't wait to start sharing all that we've been up to and include them in our story.

Something Was Missing

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  1. Wonderful news! I am so happy you found the missing pieces you needed in your homeschool.