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How to Use the Beginning Montessori-inspired Sentence Challenges

I can't begin to recall how long we've been working on writing sentences accurately.  It seems to be something that the kiddos struggle with a lot!

Thankfully the Montessori Method provides great ways to help children with this task!

Bulldozer focuses so hard on letter formation that he tends to forgets to put spaces between his words.

Dinomite is in such a hurry sometimes that he forgets basic capitalization rules and punctuation at the end of sentences.

Princess likes to do her own thing and does not appreciate help or correction at any time.

Sunshine desperately wants to learn how to write sentences in general.

All of this was inspiration for the Beginning Montessori-inspired Sentence Challenges.  I wanted to come up with a fun way to work on something that can be challenging, at times boring, and just plain frustrating for some.

Beginning Montessori-inspired Sentence Challenges in Action

How to Use the Beginning Montessori-inspired Sentence Challenges

Beginning Montessori-inspired Sentence Challenges

How to Prepare the Beginning Montessori-inspired Sentence Challenges

The printable comes with fifty sentence challenges.  Each challenge comes with three parts:

  • Sentence written correctly
  • Sentence written incorrectly
  • Lined paper to copy sentence correctly

Beginner Montessori-inspired Sentence Challenges

Beginner Montessori-inspired Sentence Challenges

In our classroom I divide the fifty sentence challenges into groups of ten so they are not too overwhelming.  

I laminate, hole punch, and put them together with binder rings.  

How to Present and Use the Beginning Montessori-inspired Sentence Challenges

To introduce the activity, we go over the sentences written correctly, reading through them together and noting the spacing, punctuation, capitalization and spelling.

We then go over the incorrect sentences.  The kiddos find the mistakes and we discuss how to change them.

Once we have completed these tasks I then let the kiddos go to work!

They select a group of ten sentences to work with making sure they grab the sentences written correctly, sentences written incorrectly, and the lined paper strips.

Using the incorrect sentences only, they write they write correct sentences on the lined paper strips. Once they completed the activity they use the correct sentence strips as a control to check their own work.

Beginning Montessori-inspired Sentence Challenges in Use

The kiddos have LOVED these cards. Bulldozer who usually hates writing couldn't get enough of this activity and literally squealed in delight about how much fun he was having.

I think there's just something about this activity in that the kiddos enjoy picking out and correcting mistakes that aren't there own.  He was so confident which is usually not the case.

Montessori-inspired Sentence Challenges Being Used Well

Dinomite thoroughly enjoyed the activity as well.  He felt so confident in his abilities to write a correct sentence. I loved that he was taking time to check for mistakes.  

I can't wait to see how this activity helps with their writing in the future!

I took a picture of our five sets of incorrect sentences so you could get a better look at what they're like.

The incorrect sentences included in the Beginning Montessori-inspired Sentence Challenges

These cards include words from our Montessori-inspired Beginning Language Bundle as well as a few beginning sight words.  

You'll notice errors in
  • Spelling
  • Capitalization
  • Punctuation
  • Spacing

Other Ways to Use the Beginning Montessori-inspired Sentence Challenges

I've mentioned one way to use these cards, but also want to mention a few other ideas that I will most likely be using with Sunshine when she's ready, before completing the activity I shared above.

For a  child who is just beginning to write, you can have a child use the lined paper strips to copy a sentences written correctly.

For a child who's reading but not writing, you can have a her read an incorrect sentence and then find the same sentence written correctly.

I'm sure Sunshine will complete all three of the ideas mentioned in this post as we progress with her language skills.

The bottom line is these Beginning Montessori-inspired Sentence Challenges are amazing and all of my kiddos love them.

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Beginning Montessori-inspired Sentence Challenges

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Beginning Montessori-inspired Sentence Challenges

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