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Incident Questionnaires for Parents of Special Needs Children (Free Printable)

Children with special needs often have meltdowns and episodes that seem to come from no where.  All is well one minute. A split second later your child is completely inconsolable.  

What happened?

In each case, sensory stimuli in the environment has triggered a response in your child's brain that screams danger and/or pain.  This sends her into absolute panic and despair.  Usually a fight or flight response follows.

In our home, we've learned to document these incidents with the goal of finding patterns.  Once patterns are found, we're able to eliminate triggers and minimize meltdowns and episodes.  We do this using our Trigger Questionnaires for Parents of Special Needs Children.  Today we offer this free printable to you!

About These Free Printable Incident Questionnaires for Parents

Whether your child has Autism Spectrum Disorder, an anxiety disorder, PTSD, or other trauma related issues, the free incident questionnaire works the same way.

After an incident occurs, write down as much information about the event as you can remember using the questionnaire form.  Save questionnaires and look through them from time to time.  Look for patterns that may help you help your child.

Items listed on the questionnaire are all sensory related.  As you document information you will begin to notice sensory sensitivities your child has.  You may also notice specific scenarios that may cause your child distress.  If there is no pattern to incidents, then take information to a developmental pediatrician or therapist to show documentation.   They'll know what to do next.

How to Receive Your Copy of the Incident Questionnaires

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