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Bat Activities for Preschoolers with Free Printables

Sunshine flip flops between loving all things Halloween and being afraid of all things Halloween.  When she asked for Halloween learning activities on her shelves, I knew I needed to choose a realistic animal to focus on, to help keep her mind at ease.  Bats seemed like the perfect choice!

These bat activities for preschoolers with free printables have proven a great fit for her.  Bats are borderline cute, when they're not scary.  Lol.

Bat learning activities.

Bat Activities for Preschoolers with Free Printables

Here's what's on her shelves!

B is for Bat Play Dough Activity

B is for bat play dough activity for kids

We just happen to have bat and letter b cookie cutters, along with black play dough on hand.  Put them together and you've created a fabulous hands on language activity that also helps improve muscle strength and fine motor skills. I had no idea Sunshine would be so excited about this!  She loves this activity!

Halloween Pink Series Picture and Word Match Up

Halloween picture and word match up

We continue our adventure with the pink series, this time all words and pictures are Halloween themed.  Sunshine's doing well with the activity, identifying first letter sounds and working from there.

Source: I created the printable for this activity. Halloween Unit Printable Pack 1 is free. For your copy, click on the link at the bottom of this post.

Counting Bats Clip Cards

bat clip cards

Sunshine has mastered counting to ten, so we're moving forward with the teens.  These adorable bat counting cards with clips are perfect for her.

Source: These free bat counting clip cards can be found at Making Learning Fun

Bat Facts Mini Coloring Book

Bat facts book

Sunshine is obsessed papers, booklets, receipts, etc.  When I saw this Bat Facts book, I couldn't resist printing it out and putting it on her shelves. She's not able to write many of her letters yet, but she loves to color and could definitely use some practice.  We also enjoyed reading the book together.

Source:  This free Bat Facts Mini-Book can be found at TpT created by Education to the Core.

Bat Nomenclature Cards

Bat cards

Are you familiar with different types of bats?  Sunshine has loved getting to know various types up close and personal through these cards.  She thinks they're quite cute.

Source: These free 3-part cards can be found at Trillium Montessori.

Bat Clip Activity

bat clip activity

I saw these adorable bat hair clips and black craft material at our local dollar store.  Sunshine is working on improving her finger strength.  This activity is a fabulous way to help her with that.  

Don't get me wrong, it's very challenging, but when she's in the mood for a challenge the task is perfect!  Sunshine attaches the bat clip to the black material provided.

Learning more about bats during the Halloween season has helped Sunshine's anxieties so much.  

It still amazes me how much preparatory learning can take big fears and turn them into small ones, or eliminate them all together.  I'm a huge fan of the "educate to eliminate" philosophy!

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