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Montessori-inspired Continent & Country Activities & Printables

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Over the past couple years we've been able to study all of the continents and a few countries.  This coming year we plan to study the continent of Asia more in depth, as well as countries: Germany, Norway, China, Italy, United Kingdom, Morocco, Mexico, & Canada.  

Geography and culture activities are Dinomite's favorites, second to zoology themed ones.  Princess loves working with maps.  Bulldozer loves the Montessori colored continent cards and country flags.  He learned his continents before any of the other kiddos, because of the Montessori color coded continents.  Sunshine has been introduced to the continents for the first time this year. Just like Bulldozer, she's loving them.  There's just something about hearing a 3 year old bring you a map and point out the continent of Africa, while identifying it correctly.

I realized not too long ago, that I've never put all of my geography resources in one place before.  Let's face it, that's kind of important!  So, today I bring you all of our continent and country units and activities, as well as some other fabulous geography activities and printables.  I hope you enjoy!


Montessori-inspired Green Activities for Tots & Preschoolers w/ Free Printables-Includes Montessori Map of Africa & African Animal Cards.

Busy Bags for Animal Kingdom Walt Disney World & More!-Includes African Animal Themed Button Snake, African Animal Shadow Activity & African Animal Camoflage Search & Find Cards!


Winter Unit-Includes 50 FREE Antarctica Animal Cards & More!

Chinese New Year & Extreme Weathe Unit:  Eartchquakes & Volcanoes-Includes 50 FREE Asian Animal Cards & many China themed activities!

A brand new Asia unit will be coming soon!!!



St. Patrick's Day Unit-Includes FREE 50 Animals of Europe Cards, European Country Syllable Practice, & Places to Visit in Ireland Cards.

North America

South America

Other Geography Activities

And there you have it!  I will continue to add all of our new continent and country activities to this post, as we do them this year and in the years to come.  If you are considering purchasing the 7 Bundle A-Z Continent Pack from Trillium Montessori they are a great add on to the activities you've seen here.  Some of my continent posts even include some of the printables.

I can't wait for our continent and country units this year with all new activities and printables!


  1. Just an AMAZING array of ideas and resources. There is always so much to discover at your site. The continents are such a big favorite with the children and my personal favorite as well!

  2. What a fantastic collection of works and printables!!! :) Wonderful!

  3. Look at all the HARD work and love you have put into each unit study! This is an amazing resource for geography work. Thank you!

  4. This is a great resource! I need to start working on continents with my son. Thank you for linking this up at Made for Kids link party.