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3 Dimensional Shapes Activities & Printables

Learning about geometric solids can be so much fun when using these amazing 3 dimensional shapes activities and printables.  There's something for everyone here including a FREE geometric solids sorting printable designed to be used with the Montessori geometric solids.

3 Dimensional Shapes Activities & Printables

Check out these amazing activities!

3 Dimensional Shapes Activities & Printables

Recycle & Create:  Upcycled Polystyrene Shapes & Colour Boats from Danya Banya

This is such an adorable way to introduce 3 dimensional shapes to little ones with some added sensory fun. I love that each boat is a different shape to compare and contrast.

Rainbow Geometry Painting from Left Bran Craft Brain

I love that this activity incorporates learning about 3 dimensional shapes and art all at the same time. It provides such great opportunities to study each shape as paint is used in a variety of ways.

Montessori Math Trays from Racheous-Lovable Learning

This 3 dimensional shape activity is definitely for all those little builders out there.  There's something about creating that feels so good and satisfying. I also love that this activity comes with so many fabulous steps and controls. 

Inexpensive and DIY Geometric Solids and Extensions from Living Montessori Now

If you are looking for a basic introduction of how the geometric solids are used in a Montessori classroom, this is the post for you!  It provides links to so many different resources including the shapes themselves to printables that go along with them.

FREE Geometric Solids Nomenclature Cards from The Helpful Garden

I always love it when I find an incredible Montessori resource available for free. It means I don't have to create it myself, which saves me so much time. If you're looking for a printable resource to match the Montessori geometric solids, this it!

Mama Always said "Never play with your food" from The Best Life... Kindergarten Life

There are so many creative ways to teach about 3 dimensional shapes. For children who love working with food, this idea is fabulous! It provides an entirely different sensory experience and is definitely memorable if you're able to eat what you've sorted. 

Beading Attributes: Pattern, Color, Shape, Size, and... Straws! from The Map is Not the Territory

I honestly never would have thought of an activity like this to teach about 3 dimensional shapes, but I absolutely love it! For those who love stringing beads and creating works of art, it's a fabulous choice. What I love most about it is the way in which children learn about creating equal sized parts.

Introduction to Geometric Solids

Introduction to Geometric Solids from Antarctica Unit

In our home, I love to apply learning concepts like 3 dimensional shapes to every day life. For this reason I created a basket full of items collected from around our house that match up with a few of the geometric solids

One of the main reasons for putting together a round up of 3 dimensional shape activities was to find a FREE geometric solids sorting printable.  

I searched for hours and could not find one anywhere.  

This left me no choice but to make the printable myself.  (This was exactly what I was hoping to avoid.)  So, for all of you looking for this, ENJOY!  It is my gift to you.

FREE Geometric Solids Sorting Activity

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