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Dinomite and Bulldozer are big into playing computer games, video games, watching movies, etc.  Thankfully we don't have a working game system right now, but that doesn't stop them from begging for the iPad or computer every 30 minutes or so.  I've tried to give them a 30 minute rule on each, per day, but they still can't stop asking.  Finally it dawned on me to use this obsession as an incentive to accomplish tasks I've been asking them to do on their own for quite some time.  It's the perfect time to do it as Bulldozer has just learned to how to get dressed by himself without help.  I even made up a little chart and cards.

The chart displays each of the tasks they can choose to do.  I'll be adding a few more pages over time, but for now I want to start simple.  This chart is specific to tasks that take place in their bedroom.  For every task they complete on their own, without help, they can earn five minutes of tech time.  With this system, there's definitely a chance for them to earn several minutes a day.  Some tasks can be completed more than once.  Each kiddo has at least four bins of toys.
Once they've completed a task, they get to choose their tech preference, adding one of the cards below to their pile.  Each card is worth five minutes.
When they want to cash in their minutes they just hand over their cards.  This can be done any time of day, except for after dinner.  If they want to save their cards for the next day they can.  They can use all, some, or one of their cards at a time.  It's completely up to them!

Source:  I created the printable seen here.  If you'd like a free copies of them, click on the links below.

What incentives do you use in your home, if any?

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