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Apple Tot School

Sunshine is so anxious to learn just like her older brothers and sisters.  For that reason we're attempting tot school.  This week's theme is apples.

If you're looking to have your own apple themed tot school, you may enjoy these activities.
Apple activities for tots
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Here's what we're doing!

A is for Apple
A is for apple Q-tip activity
I thought this was the cutest idea when I saw it. Sunshine will use the Q-tips and red paint provided to fill in the dots on the A is for apple page.  She can also use her fingers and finger paint as well.

Source:  I found this free printable at 1+1+1=1.

Apple Tracing Practice
Apple prewriting practice
Sunshine loves using markers.  She begs for them when her siblings have them.  I thought this was a cute introductory activity for her.  I'm not so sure she understood what to do, but she still enjoyed herself.
Apple themed prewriting practice in action.
Source: I found this free printable at The Intentional Momma.

Apple Prints
Making apple prints with paint.
An apple unit wouldn't be the same without apple printing.  Sunshine wasn't the biggest fan of it, but she did ask to do it twice.  I'm hoping I can help her be okay with  paint on her hands sooner than later.

Apple Sensory Bin
Apple sensory bin
Sunshine doesn't quite know what to think about sensory bins yet.  She really struggled with the rice today.  I did teach her how to stir the rice with the cinnamon stick and she liked that.  It's so funny how each kiddo is so different.  The boys LOVE sensory bins, especially rice.  She's the opposite.

This sensory bin includes

"Apple" Deposit
Pom pom fine motor activity
Putting things in and out of containers is Sunshine's FAVORITE thing to do, next to opening and closing containers.  She did a fabulous job with this activity.  All I used was a wipes container and large pom poms.

Though Sunshine wasn't quite sure what to do with some of her apple activities, she enjoyed herself.  She felt like her big brothers and sister.  We hope to continue with tot school as long as time permits!

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  1. Looks like fun to me! I know my little girl would love this. I've been meaning to try out some potato stampers with paint for her, but apples sound even better.