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It's been about six months since I started blogging professionally.  The journey has had MANY high points.  I couldn't ask for a better partner and friend.  Words can't express how thankful I am to work with Anastasia from Montessori Nature.  Receiving e-mails, messages, and comments from people all over the world has been unbelievable.  Every Star Is Different is growing in ways I never thought possible.  You have been so kind to me.  My husband has joined me, sharing his knowledge, expertise and experience.  The whole process has been quite amazing!

I've also learned about what I love, and what I strongly dislike about blogging.  More so, I think I have a much better understanding of what you enjoy, and what you want to seem more of.  As I've learned and networked with other bloggers, (trying to figure out what I'm doing), I've learned what I love and what I don't like about other blogs, processes, etc.  I finally have a vision of what I want Every Star Is Different to become and how to make that happen.  It is only fitting to share this with you!

Every Star Is Different Blog

My Every Star Is Different blog will consist of posts that include:

1.  Montessori Inspired Unit Studies with FREE Printables
The activities in these posts will be designed for children the same ages as my three older children.  Printables created by me will ALWAYS be free.  Our family has fallen on hard times on more than one occasion.  Free printables, created by others, are what continued to allow me to educate my children in the way that I wanted.  I want to make sure anyone who chooses, has the materials available to them, to teach their children, regardless of their income.  Consider it my way of paying it forward.

2.  Montessori Inspired Tot & Preschool Activities with FREE Printables
For as long as my youngest continues to be at toddler and preschool levels, I will share activities and free printables.  At this time I am unsure how long that will be.  Sunshine is our most delayed child.  Though she is almost three, cognitively she is still between 18 months and 2 years old.  These posts will also continue if we have other toddlers and/or preschool aged children in the home, due to adoption etc.

3.  Kids Learning Printables Linky Party with Features
Anastasia and I have made a commitment to host this linky party weekly, and will continue to do so.  I thoroughly enjoy featuring your printables at Every Star Is Different, on facebook, Pinterest, and more.  As the linky grows, I'll be able to feature more of your fabulous posts and printables.  Please spread the word about this linky party!

4.  Special Needs Perspective Question & Answer Sessions with Jason
Though Jason works full time, outside of the home, he loves being able to sit down and answer reader questions, when time permits.  If you have a general parenting question and/or a questions about your special needs child, please don't hesitate to send an e-mail to  Once you have submitted a question and received an initial response from either Jason or myself, check the blog every so often for his answer.  I don't know about you, but I LOVE reading his posts!

5.  Parenting Special Needs Children Experiences, Challenges, & Tips
Every so often you will see a post written by me about my parenting experiences, challenges and tips. These may come in the form of "It's Personal" posts, or in different ways.  Some posts will include Montessori principles we've applied in our home, sensory issues & solutions, etc.  Basically anything is possible.

6.  Fun without Food-Dedicated to Families with Special Dietary Needs
We are a family with many special dietary needs.  These impact our lives in so many ways.  Whether it be celebrating that I finally have a 30 day meal plan that meets the needs of everyone in the household, or alternatives to Halloween Trick or Treating, etc. they'll be shared in our Fun Without Food series.  This series will also be helpful to families who are trying to live healthy and happy without so much emphasis put on food.  I know I'm not alone in my journey to lose weight, get fit, and have my family follow.

My Every Star Is Different blog will NOT include:

1.  Multiple Adds & Affiliate Links
There are three adds on my blog. If you look for them, you can find them.  No others will be added.  I am an affiliate of Amazon.  If materials I use in my posts can be purchased on Amazon, I will include a link for you.  No other affiliate links will appear on the blog.

2.  Giveaways
I do not have time for giveaways.  Readers come to my blog to see my content and I want to provide that, and only that.

3.  The Need to Subscribe
I want all my readers to have full access to all posts, activities, free printables etc. any time they'd like without the hassle of subscribing, giving out personal information etc.

4.  Pop Up Window
Once again, no other advertisements, affiliate links, or giveaways, links to subscribe etc. will pop up on my page.  If something does pop up, it's not from me.

Every Star Is Different Facebook & Twitter Pages

I have been testing out some theories and doing some experimenting on my facebook page, to figure out what you want to see there.  Results overwhelming stated you want to see more of my posts.  You also enjoy reading my partner's posts.  Other posts you favored where those regarding parenting and children that were inspiring or moving.  I would be a fool not to comply with your requests!

Each day I will share four of my posts and one post from Anastasia at Montessori Nature.  If I come across any inspiring and/or moving posts, I will share them.  If you find an inspiring and/or moving post that you think I may like, please share it on my page.  You are welcome to do so at all times.

Tuesday is my Facebook Share Day.  You are welcome to share up to 3 posts on my page.  I will share my favorites on Wednesday.  The only activity and printable posts I will be sharing on my facebook page, written and posted by others, will come from my Facebook Share Day and the Kids Learning Printables Linky Party.  If you can take the time to share and/or link up, the least I can do is try to share with others.  Kids Learning Printables Linky Party features will be shared upon completion of my linky post, which at times is late.  (My apologies!)

I am in the process of linking my facebook and twitter pages.  Everything that I share on facebook, will also be shared on twitter.

Each day on facebook I will ask a question.  I would LOVE for you to contribute and share your experiences.  We can always benefit from the contributions of others.  This is as true for me as it is anyone else.  Though I may have much experience, I am not all knowing and want to learn and grow.  There are times when I need comfort and consoling, just like everyone else.  You can help me in that process and touch others in the same way.  In case you interest in the questions I'll be asking, they'll be the same every week, until I decide to change them.

Moody Monday:  How are you feeling today?

Teaching Tuesday:  What did you teach your child today?

Wishful Wednesday:  If you were granted one wish today, what would it be?

Thankful Thursday: What are you most thankful for today?

Fun Without Food Friday:  How is your family having fun without food today?

Smiling Saturday:  What has your child done today to make you smile?

Every Star Is Different on Pinterest

All of my posts and activities will be pinned to my Pinterest boards.  Each week, as I prepare my unit and activities posts, I will pin any ideas, activities, and/or printables I like from other bloggers on the designated board.  You will notice I will do the same with recipes, party plans, holiday ideas, etc.  If I use an idea from another blog, in my posts, I will always try to provide a link to the original source.  Pinterest is where to follow me if you're looking for multiple ideas from multiple bloggers.

Every Star Is Different Google+

Each time I write a new post, it will be shared on Google+.  At this time, no other posts or status will appear.

Other Information

If you enjoy my posts, activities, and printables please "like" them, comment on them, and/or share them with others.  Word of mouth recommendations work.  Thank you in advance!  I want to dedicate most of my time to creating and writing great content, not trying to promote it.  After all, it's the content you want!  Any extra time I have is being dedicated to writing my first book.  I would love to have it completed and available as soon as possible.  You can help me with that!  Thank you so much for being so supportive of all I do.  Your kindness and loyalty are inspiring!

Welcome to the Kids Learning Printables Linky Party!

1. Apple Pack Math Update from 3 Dinosaurs

2. Apple Math Activities from Prichindeii

Here's how this works!

1.  Link up to 3 educational printables for kiddos.  Free, paid, and giveaway printables are welcome.
2.  Add our Kids Learning Printables Linky Party Button to your post or blog.
3.  Support your fellow educators by commenting, pinning, and/or sharing the post published before yours.
4.  If you're not already doing so, follow me on FacebookPinterest, Twitter, and/or through my blog.
5.  You give me permission to use and repost images from your blog.

1.  Visit all posts.
2.  Share and pin as many links as possible throughout the week.
2.  Feature my favorite posts in next week's link up.
3.  Get to know you, your blog, and your printables for future use.

Let's get this party started!
Every Star Is Different

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